How is it possible? Even if epilepsy is crazy, dozens of people will not suffer from epilepsy. Besides, epilepsy will foam at the mouth and twitch when it falls to the ground.

Situhao listened to these people talking about his heart, and he felt an impulse to cry.
Those people who were infringed by the mastermind technique were completely tired by Situ Hao.
It’s also their discussion that makes Situhao’s murder of the three masters of the Ghost Castle more prosperous.
Situ Hao is the soul of Lin Hao, a young boy on the earth. Although Lin Hao was a punk when he was on the earth, he was also an angry youth, and he never bullied the lowest people. In fact, he is many times better than those government officials who secretly talk about benevolence and morality but are thieves and prostitutes.
At the earth meeting, he once fantasized that he must be a warrior with one heart and one mind and wipe out those animals full of benevolence and righteousness.
Today, his soul has crossed the body of Situhao, and he has a certain strength to look at these koo people, so he is called the immortal righteous man who has absorbed his soul. Can he let them go?
Situhao flew back to the restaurant hall with a flying insect full of murder.
The other two brothers in the hall didn’t recover, but helped Jiang Qiulong, who was suddenly wounded by Stuart Hao, up and walked slowly forward.
And those in the hall who eat ordinary people’s shops, the shopkeeper and the bartender are prone on the table, but they are self-effacing and collapsed to the ground. Obviously, they have all been absorbed by Jiang Qiulong, but they are unconscious idiots after they have not died.
Two middle-aged Han people helped Jiang Qiulong to a table to let him sit down, but he said, "Help me to Loulouya, you and I will guard, and I will carry my luck and adjust my breath."
Is big elders two middle-aged people together replied.
Soon Jiang Qiulong was helped to the building by two middle-aged people. After he sat cross-legged, the two middle-aged people came to the gate of Ya, and Jiang Qiulong guarded the door.
While SiTuHao at this time is flying insects unreal form in the elegant.
When the gate was covered, Stuart gave a sneer at a terrible idea in his heart.
Obviously, because Jiang Qiulong was seriously injured by his sudden hand attack, although he can kill him unnoticed now, he will kill the other two directly for nothing, and he will leave with concern if he wants to kill them then, which is impossible.
He can’t directly kill Jiang Qiulong for the time being. He wants to chop off his feet and make him a burden to the other two people. Try to kill those two people and then finally want this beast. Chapter 16 Flea.
For a moment, Situhao had already made up his mind in his mind.
At this time, Jiang Qiulong sat cross-legged and entered the pranayama state.
Situhao unreal flying insects fall behind him, and the blade of Wujin has been held in the right hand.
Everything is completed in the fight, and the adult is instantly turned into an instant. Situhao kicks his right leg fiercely.
He let out a scream when he kicked Jiang Qiulong to the ground.
Just as he screamed, Situhao’s right hand sharply chopped and directly cut off Jiang Qiulong’s legs.
Bang, Situhao has broken the window and
Kicking people, cheating, flying and breaking windows, four in one go, faster than people’s reaction
Situhao broke the window and instantly heard Jiang Qiulong scream in his ears, and his heart was full of joy.
When two middle-aged people smell into Ya, Situhao has already run out of sight and found a person. The corner turns into a flying insect and flies back.
Ah, ah, ah, ah. Jiang Qiulong screams constantly.
A middle-aged Han has flown to find someone who killed him, while the other middle-aged Han stayed in his room to gather strength and move his fingers. Jiang Qiulong sealed the hole to stop the blood rushing.
At this time, another track went to middle-aged Han Fei and ran back, looking at Jiang Qiulong with his feet cut off.
After some rescue, Jiang Qiulong’s blood injection at the fracture of his legs has been stopped, and his screams have become smaller.
Elder, who hurt you?
Is SiTuHao that beast Jiang Qiulong weak than to say.
It was his two middle-aged people who exclaimed with the same mouth.
This little beast just killed me but cut off my legs. It seems that he must be trying to get you two out of here quickly.
Jiang Qiulong is an old fox, but he can understand this very clearly even though he was seriously injured.
Elder, but your legs were cut off and you were too traumatized to fly with you.
I don’t care. If we stay here, we may all be killed. You took me away from Stuart’s tracking, and we can be completely safe.
It’s the elder
Seeing Jiang Qiulong’s decision, Situhao is really unbelievable.
However, no matter how delicate Jiang Qiulong’s mind is, it is impossible to shake off Situhao’s tracking.
Just as they were talking, Situhao had turned into a flea and hid in Jiang Qiulong’s skirt.

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