People noticed that the half-medium behemoth’s face flashed with strong flattering color when he saw the old raccoon’s serial connection, and the big tail could not help but shake it.

Is it suddenly seems to be awakened and look a change to continue in the cow force posturing.
After all this, Yang Tian slowly turned his red eyes and looked at the large population outside the bucket, and at the same time an evil smile appeared.
Damn it, what does he want?
Strong danger suddenly flashed in the minds of adults.
Therefore, it is necessary to carve the strength of the old man to kill one of them.
In their astonished eyes, Yang H’s novel suddenly disappeared into the bucket.
At this moment, people jump up and dare not stay on the ground again.
But what puzzles them is that Yang Tian’s figure is not around one of them, and now it seems to have disappeared.
Yang Tian, don’t you dare
However, a panic-stricken shout suddenly came on the other side.
They turned to see Yang Tian figure with four spirit position now.
Let Daxiang sneer at the thunder god, and the people in the deep and remote mansion are more surprised than angry. Yang Tian’s palms are pressed in the West Wang Tianling and the other in the Yuan Wang Tianling.
Counting the golden runes in the palm of your hand is a crazy irrigation, but a way to capture the fire and the sky.
I chose these two people because Yang Tian felt that their identity was particularly important and involved all parties.
Exclaimed that it is a virtual king who shows the king.
Yang Tian, what do you want to do
Virtual king binge drinking again. At this time, he has been willing to explode Yang Tian’s identity, hoping that this will cause people to fight back and make Yang Tiancheng target.
Yang Tian Tian Wang is Yang Tian.
Just wondering about it, the guess in people’s minds has finally been confirmed
Why not? Let me teach you.
Yang Tianhong eyes staring at the virtual king cold way
If you want to be fascinated, you must first release the king of West Wang Yuan.
Virtual king was Yang days to see some hair mercilessly swallowed saliva when it was a condition.
Yang Tian seems to have heard something extremely funny. When the evil sneer, the golden light of his right palm suddenly vomited.
Flesh and blood spattered, Yang Tian’s figure disappeared to the ground again, and he disappeared with him to return to the king of the West.

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