Jin Xian can reach the Millennium penance, and there are many mysteries in it.

The most precious peach tree in the flat peach garden is not the tree king’s knot. All the 100 peach trees in the flat peach garden are planted by this flat peach tree king, but the difference of this flat peach tree king is that it takes 6,100 flowers to bear a peach tree for 6,000 years, which is far more magical than that of other trees.
Those flat peaches are several times better than those in three thousand.
You know, the flat peach tree king only bears 100 peaches every 12,000 years. Although the Queen Mother will keep a little after each win, it is not much, except for the Jade Emperor and Buddha.
Sanqing deity is big enough for the Queen Mother to dedicate a few peaches, but others don’t even have a chance to take a look.
Even today in the venue, Cang Di Chi Emperor and Mother are familiar with each other for more than 10,000 yuan, and they have never been lucky enough to taste the fruit of the flat peach tree king.
At first, Emperor Chi Di was also slightly amazed at the generosity of the Queen Mother, but the second emperor seemed to think of something in an instant, and gradually relieved. Presumably, the Queen Mother also tested the cat’s chance and will give it today.
At this time, Yi Xian, who had previously guided Li Yueling and them, had moved lightly and approached the two big immortals in judo at will.
At the same time, Chi Di, the Emperor of Cang, is a sign that Li Qin and his wife will follow Yi Xian, and the Emperor of Cang is even more playful. I said that the good disciple, the heavenly queen, loves you so much, but you should be grateful in the future.
The Queen Mother, who sits on the golden throne, smiled a little, but in her bright eyes, she inadvertently looked forward to Li Yueling and did not speak.
Qin Yuan than Mu Na also don’t know how to speak for a number of thanks until the queen mother waved this stop, but Li Yueling just saw the silk expectation in the eyes of the queen mother and couldn’t help wondering.
After leaning a little to thank him, he followed the pale emperor’s words and said, "Your old man said that you are a brother, and you will not live up to the kindness of the empress. If you have the opportunity in the future, you will be rewarded."
If the immortal is present at this time, he will laugh at Li Yueling. Imagine the status of the Queen Mother and so on. It is impossible to need Li Yueling to step into the pick fairyland. It didn’t take long for Jin Xian to repay anything.
But it’s strange that Li Yueling’s remark is that he is sitting quietly with a smile on his face, Emperor Chi Di, or that his eyes are focused on Li Yueling’s body, the Queen Mother is showing a sigh of relief and smiling, and it’s even more judo. It’s hard to say that you really need your help soon.
After that, the Queen Mother added, "You can go to the Flat Peach Garden at will as soon as possible. It is also a great help for the two of you to practice incense. If you arrive earlier, you may be able to absorb a lot of sacred aura."
Ai Jia still wants you to catch up with your master.
Li Yueling is really confused this time, but in the middle of the words of the heavenly queen, he won’t be stupid enough to ask his heart again, but it’s an absolute good thing that he can eat the flat peach tree and the flat peach. What’s the side story? That’s for the future.
Meaning first, and luggage Yueling Qin Yuan followed closely, and Qiong Yu Que soon walked into the green of Yaochi Shengfu.
The two great immortals will be in the Flat Peach Garden after a while, because the large array of innocent spirits in the garden is two people who don’t have to follow closely. In case they fall into the array, they are in trouble. Yixian always speaks in this gentle way, as if a gust of wind blows her face, which makes Li Yueling just return to her senses from the stunning beauty of the Queen Mother. Her heart can’t help but move to Qin Yuan, because her personality is callous and her mood is still high. Many of Li Yueling are still calm.
How did Niang get into Yaochi Wonderland? Li Yueling decided that her strength was not bad, and it was not that she had never seen a beauty of this level like her eyes. His two wives alone were too rich to let go.
In fact, where did Li Yueling know that he stepped into the pick-and-gold wonderland? Where did he practice for thousands of years like a fairy next to him? For mind training, Li Yueling is too little. It is indispensable to cultivate immortality, whether it is physical cultivation or mental cultivation, but Li Yueling’s practice method is different here. The two will not reach an equal amount in the end
A number of strange things have brought Li Yueling to this point today, but the negative effect is that his state of mind cultivation has been far behind his actual strength in today’s pick wonderland, which has also led to the most worrying birth of demons along the way of repairing truth.
But now the time is still short and the demons are still light. It’s just that Li Yueling’s method is induced.
Chapter three hundred and seventeen I get enlightenment
It is known that the large array protects Li Yueling and Qin Yuan, and it is also careful to follow the five steps behind Yixian.
The threesome is also very fast, and it didn’t take long to take the lead. The fairy smiled softly. We have passed the Luo Tianzhen Ling array, and the two big immortals can rest assured.
Now there is a peach blossom in front of Li Yueling and Qin Yuan. The name of the flat peach garden in Linhai Yaochi is worthy of the name. On entering the garden, Li Yueling or Qin Yuan felt that Shu Tai smelled a pleasant smell all over his nose, and his 36,000 pores seemed to be unbroken at this moment, and there was a surge of extraordinary aura in the flat peach garden.
At the beginning, Li Yueling’s impatience quickly disappeared in this aura. He clearly realized that he had returned to the past and once again focused his attention on beauty. Li Yueling had lost the feeling that his heart was stirring before.
This change is also a feeling of Li Yueling’s mind. Is it true that I will be rude again and again? I am possessed. The more I think about it, the deeper I go. Li Yueling suddenly takes a deep breath. Suddenly, the flat peach garden is filled with superb aura, and once again it is introduced to the mind and body. It turns out that it is almost unexpected to tremble and realize my heart.
The state of mind is a state of mind error. With the help of the unique aura clock in the flat peach garden, Li Yueling finally thought about it and made a remedy.
You know, demons are cultivation and Buddhism, and they are most worried about doom, which is also the most difficult. A little carelessness will lead to years of hard work and ruin.
Moreover, the demons are extremely hidden, and it is extremely difficult to find them when they are born. Once the demons grow stronger, even if they are found, they are hard to find and are doomed.
It is also considered that Li Yueling’s good fortune has made him enter the flat peach garden of heaven and earth, otherwise he can’t be so relaxed if he wants to be in danger.
Li Yueling’s state of mind has risen by more than one level through the infusion of the huge aura of heaven and earth in the Flat Peach Garden. Although this is a temporary phenomenon, it is already great luck for Li Yueling to be able to detect the phenomenon of his own demons.
Sister Yi, please don’t call me Qin Xiong by one mouthful and one big fairy. It always sounds a little twisted. At this moment, Li Yueling has recovered her old words, though it is easy to say.
But it’s not as uncomfortable as before.
I dare not. The status of the two big immortals is the emperor’s brother. They are all respected. It’s just a little fairy beside the heavenly queen. This number is chaotic. It seems that some people are in a hurry and wave their hands.
It’s also true that Li Yueling knows more when she hears this. Obviously, she has a deep-rooted concept of status in her heart. She is a modern person who upholds the concept of equality for all.
Only shrugged his shoulders and said, then I’ll call me Sister Yi, and you can call us each. That’s why it’s always bad, huh?
Italy’s eyes caught a glimpse of Li Yueling and immediately said that the king of flat peach tree is a treasure in Yaochi. It seems that it is time for you to look at the tallest and thickest flat peach tree in Dongshou.

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