Korea dropping don’t believe his threats. He always scares her with such a gloomy face. In the end, he won’t touch her with a finger.

A typical knife mouth and tofu heart looks fierce, but the bones are gentle and cherished. Seeing through the otherness, her courage also rises a lot.
Ha, ha, ha, don’t be afraid of him in the future. I don’t know if he can control her if he breaks her tricks.
It’s better to discount my legs and be your slave.
You want to be beautiful
At that time, we will be good. I have to carry me, support me, feed me soup, feed me dinner, and you will become a slave. How good it is for me to be a master. Han leans on his shoulder and fantasizes proudly that he used to be a tyrant. She always thinks that he is passionate and relaxed together, but he should be so rough and live a fine life. That’s it.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, kass suddenly burst into laughter, then glanced at her and narrowed her red eyes to make up her dream of abandoning you to the wild dogs.
You can’t bear it
You really can’t bear to say that Han has learned enough about this tyrant for several months.
Bullshit. Do you think I’m willing to give up
Hey, hey, Han hooked his arm and glanced at his violent eyes. Gu muttered, You can’t bear to part with who called me your dearest slave.
Get rid of the most dear and disgusting. Balakas can’t help but cover his throat and vomit. He is very dissatisfied with me. If you kiss me, you won’t be a slave. A slave is a slave. If you can’t fly, you can’t be a phoenix.
But you’re my only slave, Cass. After that, I’ll add that I’m embarrassed at the rear. Turn my eyebrows and glance to the other side. I won’t let Han drop a glance until his face turns red. Damn it, he always says the wrong thing, so he suddenly makes a fool of himself in the future.
You said
Cass cold hum a way
Can I ask you a question?
In addition to asking me to kiss you, let Cass clench his fist nervously for fear that she will ask him strange questions again. Tell him to be speechless. This strange mouth asks, "Do you know that you admire each other before you can kiss?"
Dry fart
If you know, does it mean how you feel about me when you kiss me?
No, no, Cass didn’t hesitate to say a word, so she licked her dry lips with a pink tongue, so she felt calm. What the hell is it? A few taels of money a catty after the death of a stupid woman, he didn’t feel anything but pain. Cass held on to her red lips, and I hypnotized him. I looked at him awkwardly, flustered, blinked and blurred. Autumn eyes smiled and teased. Did you really feel nothing? But when you kissed me, you were very serious.
Can you take part in accidental amusement when you treat a woman who has no feelings?
In the face of Korea’s awkward coercion, Cass jumped up angrily in confusion, grabbed her hair at random and snarled at the tip of her nose, saying, Are you tired of living?
Let me ask.
If you have no ghosts in your heart, you will be so nervous. Do you really feel you and me as a slave?
break wind
Cass hurriedly retorted and pushed her aside. Her words were all he wanted to ask, but the answer was unknown. He cared about her. He was jealous of others. He loved her. He didn’t want to leave her. Does this mean that if this stupid woman takes his breath, you give me a better point?
Dare not answer?
Or on behalf of the default Korea crooked more and more evil to force him to look at him blush at him light Qiao looked at him grumpy panic I don’t know if she felt warm in her heart, white memories of the moment of light poured into its depths.
Dead girl
Are you really me?
In a hurry, Cass retorted that he simply didn’t know that he loved the same woman, but subconsciously told himself that he couldn’t betray her, even if he cared about her. She wanted to dominate her, but she couldn’t love her. She should be loyal all her life.
Oh, so you treat me as a playable slave and kiss me at any time to satisfy your pervert’s nature
I’ve lost my master and slave. It’s never possible. I’ll consider Kirin Mo Xie and have a look
Dare you

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