No one answered the words of the honour person in the red suit, and everyone left the battlefield. The honour person in the red suit watched Su Yu warily.

An Junyin trembled as soon as he got out of the battlefield, and hurriedly flew to Su Yu’s side, trembling and reaching for Su Yu’s shoulder, but he did not feel the slightest breath of life.
Su Yu’s body is white with blood, his eyes are closed and his lips are pale and bloody. He is like a brilliant Terran God of War, but this last moment is still in front of his people.
He is the Terran Emperor!
He will guard the Terran even if he dies!
"My feather son!"
An Jun’s eyes are full of tears, and the bodhi old zu of Ziya Mountain can’t cry.
An Yu’s heart coughs up blood, anger attacks the heart, the virgin wails, and the universe cries with sorrow.
The Lord of Wusheng Pavilion sighed faintly, and Fox Nine and others couldn’t believe it.
Is a generation of Terran Heroes so lonely?
That’s impossible!
But the reality is that he is dead! Su Yu is dead!
There is no breath of life!
His sword drained his strength, including the breath of life, including Tongyuan!
Everything Su Yu made a sword to cleanse the enemies and made several people shock and cry.
One honour person in red took a careful step forward and made a brilliant magical power of cutting.
"Hey ~!"
Avatar flies, tears, and fights Su Yu’s body with poor strength.
"How dare you bully my grandson!"
An Jun was furious, and his hands pushed a powerful terrorist force to rise and instantly annihilate this magical power and let it hurt Su Yu’s body.
But even if this blow works, the venerable people in red will also smile in succession.
"He’s dead!"
"Su Yu is really dead!"
"It’s a pity that a generation of Terran heroes finally came to a stranger, and he died and the Terran died."
The honour person in red sighed, and then someone else said with a smile, "There are thirteen honour persons buried with him, which is that he has never had a record since ancient times and he is proud enough."
Although I don’t want to admit it, the venerable people in red are still very Pei Suyu in their hearts.
Too powerful!
This is an enemy that makes people exclaim and despair. He is so powerful that people are at a loss. If he doesn’t die, Red will fail!
It’s a pity that he is a saint after all. If Su Yu becomes an honorable person, this Xinghai people can suppress him.
But after all, at this moment, he will die a top saint.
There are always regrets.
There will always be some things that are not so perfect in one’s life.
The venerable men in red dress looked at each other one after another and saw each other’s eyes. They couldn’t help laughing. The sound shook Xinghai and frightened several creatures.
The sacred battlefield mourns, and Wang Chuanyi mourns and shouts, "War of the Emperor! Terran war! "
"My body to die to follow the emperor! Don’t make my emperor Huangquan Road lonely! "
Several Terran soldiers screamed at the top of their lungs from the sacred battlefield. The Terran Godsworn soldiers were in high spirits and were not afraid of death, but they did not retreat. The offensive was even fiercer!
A song of the emperor’s voice stirred up and blood boiled, and was shouted out by several Terran soldiers at the top of their voices.
"I! Humans! "
Leitian blood-stained armor left arm has been broken right hand knife suddenly roar loud.
"Can pity day! You can also hold a butcher knife! Kill the whole life! "

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